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Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

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  • Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

    From 1956: The night maintenance crew at the Iowa Statehouse takes a break to sing carols one December night in 1956. Playing the organ is Joe Sheets, the night foreman. Other members of the crew are, left to right, Oscar Engstrom, Leslie Blacketer, Henry Griffiths and George Olsasky.

    Source: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/art...312230005/1001

    I bet that organ sounded great in that space:

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    Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

    Anorak time again (me, that is[])</p>

    This is (only just) before my time. This is a Wurlitzer model 4410, one of the reed generated spinets. The two cables coming from the back suggest that one is the mains lead and the other is for an external speaker, like a Leslie. It probably did sound great with all those solid floors and walls.</p>

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      Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

      http://<br /> <br /> http://www.an...HolyCross.html


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        Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

        FINALLY! </P>

        This is most excellent news.</P>

        I wouldn't have minded the taller keyboard spacing myself, but it isso nice to hearthey chose to replicate the original rather than go any other route.</P>


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          Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

          SOURCE: http://<br /> http://www.gothic-cat...rgan_s/827.htm


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            Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

            [Pipe organ built by William Barnes, a 15 year old].

            Chicago Daily News, Inc., photographer.


            Image of a pipe organ built by William Barnes, a 15 year old, shown in a room in Chicago, Illinois.

            This photonegative taken by a Chicago Daily News photographer may have been published in the newspaper.

            Cite as: DN-0006003, Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago Historical Society.

            Barnes, William.
            Chicago (Ill.)--1900-1909.
            Dry plate negatives.
            Gelatin dry plate negatives.
            United States--Illinois--Cook County--Chicago.

            1 negative : b&w, glass ; 5 x 7 in.


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              Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

              Interior of the original Mother Church in Boston, Mass.". Christian Science Publishing Society 1934


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                Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

                Hey! How did you get a picture of the italian baroque organ? I got yelled at for trying to photograph it. Memorial art gallery is very anal about picture taking. It's annoying. I could take pictures at theMET for heaven's sake!</P>

                Anyway, back on topic.</P>

                The sound ofItalian Baroqueorgan is incredible. It's very intriguing and different. The hall is kind of a center chapel on the second floor of the museum - which is a former church and rectory(here's the room itself http://www.esm.rochester.edu/eroi/im...ntaincourt.jpg). You can browse through Monet and others in the annexes while listening to the organ. The bellows are in a room to the left of the organ (still hand pumped). </P>

                I may have mentioned this before but there was one stop in particular that I had never heard before. It also most resembled a deep male voice, with a stringy overtone to it. Very ethereal sounding.</P>


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                  Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

                  just found the pic using Google search


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                      Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

                      How many hours I've spent looking at that photo! A true work of art.</P>

                      I love the spec too.Such a horrible shameit was unappreciated for so long. Scandalous...</P>

                      Anyone know the current status? It should be kept intact!</P>


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                        Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

                        I love the layout of that console too. Is the console still there? The church website
                        shows a big 3 manual Rodgers.


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                          Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

                          I think that the organ was sold intact on the Organ Clearing House. Lucky buyer!


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                            Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

                            The Extension to the original Mother Church had a new A-S organ in 1952.The previous organ in the extension was a 1906 Hook&h\Hastings.The 4ft orch flute from that 1906 H&H ended up in the solo at Riverside Church in 1954 when A-S built that organ.Also the thin orch strings from Roy Perry's 1st Pres in Kilgore Texas ended up at Riverside in the choir division. The pipes were likely Pilcher pre-1935 Kilgore organ or possible Moller 1935.At any rate they are very keen and stringy and were removed from Kilgore in 1949 and remaied at the shop at a-s till 1954 when they found there way into the Riverside a-s.


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                              Re: Ye Old-Tyme Photo of the day

                              Pietermaritzburg (South Africa) Town Hall

                              date unkown