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looking for a leslie speaker affordable clone

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  • looking for a leslie speaker affordable clone

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    I'll break it to you easy, Luis. It's is can be nearly as difficult to find a Leslie in the US as it is in Portugal, depending on what part of the US you are in. And you will pay at least $700 (almost 600 Euros) for an old beat-up one that has been to the Cape of Good Hope and back. </P>

    If you are looking for simulators there are a couple options.</P>

    First is the Hughs and Kettner Rotosphere. A big block of steel with a tube preamp with it and costing almost as much as the real thing. I hear it sounds wonderful, though.</P>

    Next is the Boss RT-20. This is starting to become the more affordable old stand by. It's been out for a couple years and it sounds pretty good. </P>

    Behringer has recently come out with the a rotary sim. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks interesting. It costs less than the Boss RT20.</P>

    There is another option. How good are you mechanically and/or electrically? Have you thought about building your own Leslie from scratch?</P>


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