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can anyone identify this organ ?

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    I was at midnight mass last week and it always amazes me when I hear the old Conn fire up again. It still sounds the same as it did when I was a little kid. Has great bass for an electronic organ in a church that size. They must have a lot of subwoofers hidden somewhere.

    But how does it keep playing? Are there still companies around that can maintain those old electronic organs? Or is it a case of it was made back in a time when things were built to last.

    I just noticed the auction ended. Can't believe it went for $500. If I were in driving distance, I would have gotten it for nostalgic reasons alone :)

    Oh and last month I got to see the organ in action on television for the first time. The Bishop of Trenton came to celebrate a Solemn Pontifical High Mass and it was televised on EWTN. They came with their own choir and organist and it was interesting to hear the organ registered by somebody different, he got it to sound more like a traditional pipe organ for the special mass.

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    As I was looking at that e-bay listing, I was struck by how big the plexiglass music desk is on that 800. I really like that feature. Is that a factory one, or a modification ? Is it lighted as well ? All the way across ? That is something you do not see often, and I think it would be very handy for laying music out in order.
    Looks very similar to the one still being used in my church


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      As I recall, the big plexiglass music desk was standard on the 830. Looks like it is lighted for most of its length -- going by the photos that show the white lens on the bottom.
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        Yeah, I see the lens on the bottom now. Maybe it does not look as elegant with that big music desk ( probably some peoples opinion ), but it sure seems handy from a practical standpoint.

        As an aside, I never quite got the whole plexiglass music desk idea anyhow. Yes, you can see though it to direct a choir, or see what is happening in the church. But, that only works if there is no music on it ! If there is music on it ( like when most people are playing ), then you can just as well have a nice wood one that compliments the console woodwork.

        As far as the tremolo / vibrato on Silent Night goes, I suppose that is a matter of taste. To tell the truth, most times when I'm playing that one, I use flutes with tremolo on the middle stanza ( shepherds quake ....) . For the last stanza I go back to a pretty full principal setting with as much low bass ( 32' flue if available ) as possible in the pedal.

        That recording is pretty cool; Christmas music sounds good in Polish, even if you don't know the language.

        That church appears to have at least the facade of a pipe organ there. What is the situation of that organ ?
        Regards, Larry

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