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Free Pipe Organ Downloads at iTunes

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  • Free Pipe Organ Downloads at iTunes

    i just downloaded about 145 free organ podcasts at iTunes

    some of them are audio only, some are video programs also. one is called "Crescendo!" which is similar to Diane Bish's Joy of Music tv program

    one audio only program is called "hot pipes". Theater Pipe Organ music from around the world. New CD reviews, news, Masters from the Past and more! Weekly one-hour show broadcast in Southern Spain in English.

    just download iTunes, search for "pipe organ" then click on podcast. once you start clicking on the podcast, iTunes will recommend other podcast you might be interested in which are also free

    i haven't heard the other yet but here's a list of programs that i've downloaded so far

    Anna Myeong Organ Music Gallery (6 mp3 files, 4 m4v video files)

    Hot Pipes! (35 mp3 files)

    Opus 17 Dedication Concert (4ma audio file)

    St. Timothy Episcopal Church (organ recitals, 5 m4a audio files)

    The New LDS Organist (12 mp3 files)

    Crescendo! (49 m4v video files)

    Music 116 - Organ Techniques and Literatur (6 mp3 files)

    Saint Cecilia Organ Festival (13 mp3 files)

    The King of Instruments - The Pipe Organ (14 m4a audio files)

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    Re: Free Pipe Organ Downloads at iTunes

    For those who are interested in the theatre organ podcasts, but NOT interested in the system-resource hog known as iTunes, the Hot Pipes! podcasts are also available at: </p>