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When two of your areas of expertise meet unexpectedly...

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  • When two of your areas of expertise meet unexpectedly...

    ... I wanted to share what happened during service today.
    The pastor was right in the middle of her sermon, when suddenly a loud bang could be heard down in the pews. I was about to get up and see what had happened. My husband shouted my name and said I should come down at once. So I ran down the stairs and saw that an elderly lady had fainted and was lying on the floor. She gained consciousness after a few seconds, but didn't quite understand what had happened. Apparently she didn't have a decent breakfast and hadn't been drinking enough water and it was rather warm in the church, so her body just decided to have a small break. Fortunately she felt better soon (we had water and some dextrose bonbons for her) and she was able to stay for the rest of the service and then was taken home by some members of the congregation.

    Sometimes it's really helpful when you're not only an organist, but also a trained first-aid-instructor with several years of experience :-B
    (Only yesterday I taught first aid to a group of teenagers who want to join their school's first aid team.) God has a way of putting you in the right place at the right time. :emotion-21:

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    Yes indeed! I'm sure the folks were so glad to have a trained person in the church for that!
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      It was good you were there! At first, when reading your post I thought you were to recount what happened to me several decades ago. A lady had a "medical emergency" in the pew. So while the ambulance crew was working, the pastor didn't know what to do, so I suggested we sing a few hymns--and we did (Methodist church). After they took her out, we carried on with the service.

      Hang around long enough, and it'll happen again!

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        Well, usually I don't hope to encounter medical emergencies, whether in church or anywhere else, but I guess you're right, Michael, it might happen again.

        Maybe I should offer a first aid training for the congregation, so I don't have to run down the stairs so fast next time. ;-)


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          That's actually a very wise thing to do. You can never have enough people trained. And you're more likely to find interested trainees after what happened. Now is the time.


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            You just never know what is going to happen in a church service! Anything is possible, and the organist often gets to view it all from the bench. So glad to hear that you were able to help out. :)

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