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What should a male organist wear while playing a funeral?

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  • What should a male organist wear while playing a funeral?

    Should I wear the traditional black suit, white shirt and black tie?
    How about a suit of different color?
    I'd like to know what some you are wearing while working a funeral.
    Thank you
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    I wear a dark navy blue suit,light blue shirt and tie.



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      As a female organist, I can't really respond to the question, can I?
      I prefer dark navy over black, too. I find the colour decent and elegant enough and leave the black to the pastor and the family.


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        I've just done funerals at my own church. I've worn a choir robe (just like Sunday) and that ends the question for me. And omit the stole or overlay, if that seems too improper for the occasion.


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          If you don't were vestments, I like a navy blazer. It can be worn with grey slacks, a white shirt and tie for solemn occasions. It is one of the most versatile items in a man's wardrobe. For informal occasions, you could wear a sport shirt and dressy jeans. If you want to be a bit more dressed up, substitute white linen slacks.

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            I wear vestments, cassock and organists cotta.


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              I always wear black dress pants, and the shirt will vary depending on the circumstances I will be playing for / at. A lot of churches around here have the instrument ( not always an organ ! ) in the front of the church. In that case I wear a subdued color / pattern of shirt, and a black sport coat. But I do not like playing with the sport coat on, so that comes off before I play, and that makes the shirt choice more important.

              I guess I never considered wearing a white shirt, but then I don't even own one.

              If I am playing from the balcony, there have been times where I did not really dress up, but made sure that the shirt was nice. That's all anyone sees of you anyhow.
              Regards, Larry

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                I usually wear a white shirt, subdued tie, and brown slacks. I'll bring my sport coat (which goes well with the slacks) and decide whether to wear it after I arrive and see how formally other attendees are dressed. I should probably get a navy and/or black outfit as well but for the funerals I've attended or played for so far black has not been required.
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                  It all depends on where the organ is located in the sanctuary. If you are out of the way where no one can see you, then it doesn't really matter. However, if you are within eyeshot, then I would definitely wear darker colors that don't draw any attention to you. Just my two cents worth....

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                    Dark grey suit, or the aforementioned dark blue blazer. White shirt, dark or black tie.

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                      I personally like to see formal dress-he can ask to take his jacket off after a while if it is too hot.


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                        Not a tuxedo?!!! I agree with the formal dress if in question. You can always take something off if you're formally dressed, but you cannot put more on if you haven't brought it.