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  • Sometimes, A Sub Job Goes...

    So Darn Well, that it is more than you ever could have hoped for !!!

    My friends on the forum, I played one like that this morning, and I am still Jazzed about it. So I thought I would share a very positive experience with you for a change. I can summarize the experience like this : A congregation of 100+, doing Real Church, with Real Hymns, and Real Sung Liturgy ! And they SING - with Gusto ! Today is not even a festival Sunday, just a normal green one, so the attendance was usual for them on any Sunday.

    To really top of the experience, this church is my denomination ( and my synod ), and we did the service setting I grew up with. I have not played that service in more than 10 years, and it felt so good to do it again.

    This congregation is firmly set on doing Church like it should be done ( I realize opinions vary on that, but that is mine ), and they take it seriously. They have a 5(ish) year old Allen L123, and appreciate when it is played using a lot of the various registers. The opening hymn had a Doxological final stanza, so I let them have the full reeds and mixtures, and they kept right up. Since that worked so well, I gave them the same on the last part of the Gloria in Excelsis, and the entire Sanctus. That just raised their liturgical singing to greater heights, and they loved it. I was told that afterwords by several members.

    So yes, there are still churches that do "old fashioned" real worship services, and would have it no other way. I'm glad they found me, and I certainly will be playing for them more often.

    It was so uplifting for me that I'm almost going to feel a bit guilty about spending the check. Sometimes everything in a service just WORKS the way you wanted it to, and those are the days to treasure. Today was one of those days.
    Regards, Larry

    At Home : Yamaha Electones : EX-42 ( X 3 !!! ), E-5AR, FX-1 ( X 2 !! ), FX-20, EL-25 ( X 2, 1 chopped, 1 not ). Allen 601D, ADC 6000D. Baldwin 626. Lowrey CH32-1. At Churches I play for : Allen Q325 ( with Vista ), Allen L123 ( with Navigator ). Rodgers 755.

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    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I had one like that last week on All Saints Day, and they sang great! I used the Möller for a couple of hymns, they sang well (including over 100 children), and it felt great!

    Isn't it nice to be recharged that way?

    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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    • Lowrey Heritage (DSO-1)
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      Michael, it really is a feeling that is hard to put into words - but you know it when you get it. 12 hours later and I'm still on that high !

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    What a nice story! Thanks so much for sharing.