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Speaker Screen Pipe Facade Design Opinions Sought

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    A scale 43 rank will have a 6 & 1/4" diameter low C ( going from memory, but over 6" anyhow ), and will be at least 110" tall or so. The tallest pipe in this facade space can be only 87" tall. I'm not adverse to cutting them obviously, but then you get into the length to diameter proportion issue again. I won't use tin / lead pipes of any type to build a largish display only facade. They have to be zinc, and most standard 8' ranks have only have 17 to 21 zinc bass pipes. So if you don't start with low C, you run out of pipes to fill the width.

    No ! There will be no PVC pipes here. I would never build such a thing for any church.

    The stained glass windows are staying right where they are. They were bought and installed only a year and a half ago ( for a goodly chunk of money, I'm sure ), and the church is very pleased and proud of them. I agree that it is not the best design to put them there, but the church architecture dictated that placement. The remodeling of the back part of the balcony was prompted by the new windows, The former speaker shelf was going across the window openings, abut two thirds of the way up. And it was not centered.

    Anyhow....., I think I may have come up with a suitable design that I will be reasonably pleased with. Got it laid out in the shop, and need to consider it for a day or two now. I'll update this thread pretty soon with more photos and so on.

    Thanks again to all who shared their ideas so far. It really does help to hear everyone's ideas, when one is trying to do a project with less than ideal raw materials.
    Regards, Larry

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