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  • Nord customer service

    I received a call from someone who damaged his Nord Grand during assembly. He inserted a screw and heard a crack. After that two keys did not sound. This is not a warranty situation and there is no Nord service center in Arizona. I contacted American Music and Sound, the distributors, asking about a service manual. Here is their reply:

    "Hi David,

    Regretfully, I cannot supply service documentation to non authorized service centers.

    Best regards,
    L**** *******
    Technical Support
    American Music & Sound"

    Fortunately I found disassembly instructions and photos on the Nord users forum so I will be able to help him.
    A few years ago some one called with a Nord piano having velocity keying problems and when I contacted AM&S I was told he had to ship it to Texas for repair.
    Strange thing is I am listed as an authorized service center for Kurzweil on the AM&S site but cannot purchase parts.

    Want an opinion about AM&S or Nord...... just ask me.

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    One morning a few months ago,not long after cleaning the rubber bubbles under the low C key not reading velocity on this Nord Stage3 Compact73,the pitchstick pitch bender failed.
    Close inspection of the four soldered wires showed no visible signs of lost connection.Was getting 'pitchstick calibration error' message on boot up.
    By the time the Canadian distributor replied to my inquiry for a replacement,Syntaur had shipped what I needed,which was over a week.When by chance I phoned the Canadian 'switchboard' and keyed in the name Martin,the head guy for JAM calls me back from California.Erikson/JAM taken over in 2018 by an Irish based outfit known for corporate 'mergers'.
    Are we having fun yet? Just call Syntaur....
    Total gong show when 'Canada' calls back with a better price on the 'stick'.By then already had it repaired.Spare key contact strips and 'dials' waiting for inevitable use.The rotary dials and encoders on Stage 3's fall off,unlike previous models.Found the 'missing control' three times now.Never happened once on previous renditions thereof.I rate it a downgrade.Finally an OS that sends velocity to external correct,three years in.....
    Ready for the next failure,Nord are well built keyboards that travel better than others doing the same thing.Easy to work on and fun to play.
    Most 'boutique' builders total HR is less than Yamaha's shipping department.Even big players like Behringer have supply chain issues regardless of a global pandemic.
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      Originally posted by tucsondave View Post
      Strange thing is I am listed as an authorized service center for Kurzweil on the AM&S site but cannot purchase parts.
      What a joke.

      Reminds me ... a short while back I was trying to find someone to work on a Korg keyboard, so I called the closest authorized service agent listed on their website. After listening to the symptoms, and deciding it was likely one of the CPU boards, he said he'd be lucky to receive the necessary parts from Korg within 6 months and recommended bluntly to dump the keyboard and buy something new.

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      • Sweet Pete
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        Korg had a local office at one time. Closed now,warehouse cleaned out. Had a few extra Korg wood piano stands.Got one for cheap.
        Was once gifted an O1Wfd,where I had the Sansui rebuilt.It needed work.Gave it to the local backline for parts/repair.
        Korg/Nord shares distribution in Canada....both are basic boutique companies.
        The new Yamaha YC series tries to capture Nord Stage ergonomics,easy to understand once the sales were counted up who leads that platform
        in overall design.They should stick to Motif and Kronos with the big 'screen' and deep menu diving,leave the live performance features to Nord.