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  • Selling a product not needed?

    The video posted on Hammond Tech's Facebook Page of LocoMotion DC Leslie motors ramp times is lame.
    Camera pans away from lower drum.....really lame organ playing with no frequencies below 200HZ?
    So,not only can't one see the ramp times,they can't be heard either.Demo by Jay Terleski?
    Get someone in there that can REALLY play/spin your so called improved DC motors? Like any real gospel organist wil do.......a big fat C bass/pad wide open!
    Based on the video not ready to hire the 'demo player' as a pro 'keyboardist'.......lamest sounding Gimme Some Lovin' riff ever! Played it better when I was 14,which was 53 years ago.

    When I pointed this glaring omission out? Some guy named Mike Hale rips me a new one! Test marketing on Facebook......his product video does NOT convince me.
    I've been around this gear for a half century.
    Insulted that you would try and throw this video at us expecting us to think it's better than the original,which I know how to set up? Good luck with your LocoMotion.

    Paint it red,people like red.After all Nord sells more than Hammond for good reason......and yes that coffee table book of mall organs still in the works!
    Will be using two motor stacks of original GI motors on my watch! Won't be buying anything I don't need.That goes for Hammond Suzuki too.Will never buy the products.
    Maybe HS will adapt to the newer DC motors,reinventing the wheel.....they build garbage compared to Nord these days.
    Sell those motors to people who don't know any better. There are lots of them born every day.
    A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/142 BV/147 BCV/145 M3/145 M102/145 M111/770 L101/760 T222/HL722 M111/770 no B3/C3!