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The organ that was "almost" mine

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  • The organ that was "almost" mine

    I have never used this part of the forum before, but I'm going to do so today so that can have a very mild vent about something that just happened to me that frusrated me.

    I came so very close to getting a very nice 301B from a church about 2 hours away from where I live. However, due to a lack of communication on the part of the church secretary, I lost the deal. The organ was posted on Craigslist probably at least a month ago, and when I inquired, I was told that someone was making arrangements to come and pick it up. Well, the post remained online for another three weeks, so I inquired again and they told me that the deal fell through because the person couldn't get their moving crew together. So of course, I immediately told her that I was most definitely interested and just needed to get my own moving crew together. I asked her if I could send her the $100 that they were asking for it in order to secure it because I was definitely planning to take it. So she replies back that they are not going hold it for anyone because of the potential complications with removing the organ from the church due to where it was located (five or six steps max out to the main entrance or the use of a ramp with a sharp bend that she thought might make it difficult to get the organ out). Does this make any sense at all??

    So at any rate, she said that there were some others who were "interested" in the organ, but she never said that anyone was defintely coming to take it at that point in our conversation. So, I start making my arrangements and had everything ready for tomorrow, July2.. The next day she contacts me and tells me that the organ is sold. No warning, no communication, no nothing. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out why she just didn't come out and tell me that someone was pretty likely going to come and take it. She could have told me that and saved me all the hassle. I sitll can't figure out why she wouln't allow me to pay her to secure the organ. The only thing I can figure is that they wanted it out of there ASAP. As my friend Larry said "You snooze, you lose!". I'm still frustrated.....

    Is it me, or do some people lack communication abilities?

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    I think it’s poor form to sell something to the second person interested just because they were able to arrange transport faster. Most people go in the order of who was interested first, and give the first person a chance to line things up. But that’s life I guess. It’s kind of like the one that got away! Hopefully you’re able to find something else!

    Do send John Vanderlee a message. He’s a regular forum contributor and anything that’s been through his hands has been thoroughly gone over and is probably in better, more reliable shape than anything you’d get out of a church that just wants rid of it. So maybe this is a blessing in disguise!

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      Originally posted by musikfan View Post
      do some people lack communication abilities?
      Can a duck swim?

      The person who took the organ may have gone to the church and discussed its removal, etc, with the woman who was fretting about that aspect and maybe slapped down a C-note at the same time.

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        If you have ever been on the selling end of any of these "transactions" on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and to a lesser extent Ebay, you would understand perfectly.
        Ad goes up. It is sitting there for a month. By then the secretary is sick of the no shows, scams, offers to take it but charge, various emails and phone calls that wind up going no where. She has heard it all by the time you talk to her the first time.
        You have to establish credibility.
        If you were really interested, you should have hopped in you car, made an appointment to see her the next day at the latest, inspected the purchase.
        These deals go both ways, sometimes the seller is just as likely to have bad information. Verbal means nothing.
        If it is as represented, pay for it, get a receipt and make arrangements to get it out of there fast, within 7 days.

        Welcome to the new world of transactions in an anonymous world known as the Internet.
        Where No one does what they say and no one knows any names.
        This funny short clip explains it all.

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        • musikfan
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          Your thoughts are very well stated and I think you've assessed the current situation very well. Live and learn!

        • Larrytow
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          That video is SO funny, and unfortunately sometimes accurate. I'm gonna be laughing about it all night !