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Rodgers 34A - technical help needed

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  • Rodgers 34A - technical help needed

    I've been working on my church's recently-donated Rodgers 34A in my spare time trying to get it up and running 100%. I have a copy of the technical manual, but I've noticed several significant differences between the manual and the actual organ. It looks like several modifications have been made to the organ. I knew going into it that the combination action and the power supply had been replaced, but the output module appears to be missing. Instead of the circuit that the manual shows with a series of 8 5-pin DIN connectors to be connected to speakers, this organ has a small bundle of 18-gauge wire somewhat inexpertly soldered to the back of the PCBs, with a small bank of RCA jacks on the end. Many of the output channels seem to be connected together, as in when I connect my headphone amp and headphones to the jack labeled Diapason, I can hear the Swell flues on this channel as well.</p>

    I've uploaded some pictures of the organ's innards on my personal website, with "large" versions of the pictures available for download in case anyone can help me identify what the previous owners did to this instrument. The pictures are at:

    All in all, the renovations on the instrument are going well, we've been able to tune all the oscillators except for the Swell oscillators, which are all very flat. I suspect perhaps a power supply voltage issue might be the culprit.</p>

    Thanks for any help you can provide,</p>

    - Daniel

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    Re: Rodgers 34A - technical help needed

    Check my reply to you on the Rodgers forum. I suspect the swell tuning is related to the trem circuit or maybe the full chorus, which affects the trem bias.</P>