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Allen MDS-5X $3,500

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  • arie v
    Re: Allen MDS-5X $3,500


    Allen MDS (Master Design Series) organs were the final and best of Allen's digital organs where things were hard-coded and one made screwdriver adjustments. The MDS line was replaced by Renaissance line, which was more software driven. I believe the MDS technology ended up in the Protege models, and these were made till maybe 5 or 6 years ago.</p>

    The Allen MDS series is really quite desireable, as the tone generation, the tonal setup, the overall scheme and sound of the instruments is quite well sorted. By this time they also had better MIDI implementation.</p>

    Excepting some special Allen models, the late ADC or MDS are some of the best Allens I have come across. The $3,500 asking price seems reasonable.</p>

    A few years ago, an organ like this would have fetched easily twice that amount.</p>



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  • jskumro
    started a topic Allen MDS-5X $3,500

    Allen MDS-5X $3,500

    Hello all, my search for a decent practice instrument continues. This time, I found on Craigslist, an Allen MDS-5X.</p></p>

    I went to view this Organ recently. It is in really exceptional condition. Located in a very small United Church of Christ in Buffalo. The Organist at that Church prefers a "Theatre Organ Sound," So he purchased a used Hammond Elegante.</p>

    Anyhow, this MDS is in really really exceptional condition. I believe it was first installed directly in that church somewhere around 1995. It's excellent, showing very little wear on the console. It has internal speakers, and that's the way it was always used at the church. It sounds especially wonderful in the very small church, even without having the "reverb" stop engaged.</p>

    Playing the Organ, I was very pleased with it's sound, it is a very nice instrument. Overall I would like to have a practice instrument with a bit larger stop list, and more memory but this is definitely a viable option.</p>

    Does anyone have any information to lend on Allen MDS Organs? It seems like a nice instrument, I would really like to purchase it, but as of right now it's out of my price range.</p>

    The asking price is $3,500.</p>