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Connsonata Electronic Organ, about 1954

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  • Connsonata Electronic Organ, about 1954

    I am a trustee with Grace Chapel of Eden. We are a small independant, non-demonational church in Pell City, Alabama. 35miles east of Birmingham, just off I-20. We have recently purchased the former United Methodist church of Eden from the Methodist Council. Sitting in the chour loft is this 1954 Connsonata Electronic Organ. As near as we know it is complete to include two large speaker cabinets and all associated wiring. We were not brave enough to plug it in. Is anyone interested in this classic. Feel free to contact me at: <[email protected]>or 205-884-6970. Joe Johnson

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    Re: Connsonata Electronic Organ, about 1954

    The organ is too far away from me or I'd consider it a great find. It is a tube based organ that was later expanded into the 32 pedal 720 line. If memory serves me correctly it has a special vibrato circuit rather than a rotor.</P>

    The biggest concern would be recapping the amp and replacing some tubes, but a little TLC should give someone alot of sound out of a great old instrument. You mention the choir loft -- that can lead to challenges but usually there is someone out there who isn't afraid of a little work (and hopefully has enough friends to get it done).</P>

    It would be a good idea to advertise the instrument locally in the free category of Craigslist. You will usually get a fast response! Do you plan to use a different organ in your services?</P>