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Rodgers or Gahlanti???

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  • Rodgers or Gahlanti???

    Ok, so i played the Prealudium again and had a starltling realization: This is a Rodgers instrument with a differnet name plate. The stop list, the stops themselves, and the consoule simply have to be made by the Rodgers company. Am I crazy?

    Also, in an unrealted note. Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to play a service if there is no pedal light? I never noticed how important it is to get one's bareings to have a light there. Why on Earth would they have samed $15 and not put in a light. I never thought I needed one on the pedals before today, but let me tell you, there were some VERY scary moments where I wasn't quite sure where I was, despite my excellent pedal technique. (ok, so it's not that great, but I'm no 'Sunday Morning Organist either.


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      Re: Rodgers or Gahlanti???

      Galanti, Ahlborn, Viscount, GEM are owned by Matthew and Marcello Galanti. They make organs for other labels including Wurlitzer Church Organs in for America. They have very modern factories in Northern Italy and San Marino. Very well organised - one factory does plastics, One does Woodwork, One does electronics and another Assembly although organs for USA leave as "flat-packs".

      It is entirely that other makes are manufactured here although I thought that Rodgers/Roland had bought the ELKA factory.

      On another note I am playing a huge 4 manual electronic organ in Newcastle upon Tyne, England that was installed by Copeman Hart in 1972. The organ was upgraded in 2003 and now has 16 channels of sound.

      It has a full chorus of strings on the solo manual 16 to mixture and mutations on the pedal such as 4 4/7, 6 2/5 apart from 2 32' flues and a 32' contera bombarde.