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Got to play a Conn 720

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  • Got to play a Conn 720

    Rather a nice instrument really. I did some informal playing at a semi-local nursing home. It was somewhat of a challenge as I have been away from playing for many years and this organ is rather different than my Baldwin HT2-R or the Wurlitzer 4502. My Baldwin has full pedal board but is not AGO like the Conn and the spacing threw me off a bit (also no pedal light and it is in a dark nook). Also the stronger manual seems to be the lower one on the Conn which is the opposite of my other organs.</p>

    Very nice sound I thought but of course it has the issues you would expect from an instrument not fully maintained. The low G pedal didn't always sound unless you tromped on it a couple of times and sometimes I would swear that some pedals were out of tune with the rest of the instrument (but maybe it was the operator). Sometimes I would have liked a somewhat brighter sound but it wasn't until close to the end that I realized the the lower manual was the brighter of the two ( I am kind of slow on the uptake sometimes).</p>

    In general I think one of these would be a pretty pleasant way to add an AGO spec organ to one's stable.</p>

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    Re: Got to play a Conn 720

    Not only are they excellent, they are cheap. I gave mine away (to someone who had more time to maintain it).</P>

    Trust you instincts regarding the tuning. Each note is individually tuned on most Conn organs. If not maintained probably more than one note is out of tune by now.</P>

    I always maintained the balance by choice of stops but that would take some time to work out. I can understand some level of discomfort on your first attempt. Also it is important to check the switch that moves the rotor between flute and diapason. Loving "flutey" organs I always prefered the flute trems!</P>

    In fact the new owner wanted the organ for the flutes -- I believe he intended to play more of a jazz/pop repertoire. He eliminated a pesky cipher by turning off the diapason channel within days of picking up the instrument. Haven't heard from him recently so I can't say whatever other modifications he made.</P>

    At any rate it had a big, throaty sound that was hard to beat and was one of the best tube generator organs ever made in my opinion. Only my Allen S15 was more loved by me for a grand theatrical sound!</P>

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you'll visit and play the organ again. We've come to visit nursing homes alot recently because of our older friends who have been patients and I know they need the entertainment and encouragement very much.</P>