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Repairing Rodgers Organ Speakers

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  • Repairing Rodgers Organ Speakers

    I have a couple of Rodgers FX 1.7 three way speakers for my at home organ. The 8" woofer is a discontinued Peerless 831556 driver and it has a bad case of foam rot. Any suggestions as to what to use as a replacement new driver. Any one have the specs on that driver other than what is on the Rodgers website. Was thinking to refoam them but is it worth it and will the results be satisfactory? The speakers are worth saving so any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: Repairing Rodgers Organ Speakers

    Hi Margo,</p>

    Foam rot helps keep service guys like me in business!</p>

    I generally get speakers re-foamed. I am lucky to have some expert guys very close to my home who do speaker repairs. </p>

    Re-foaming is not a difficult thing to do. However it is not always successful, even from people who do this kind of thing for a living. I came across a situation last year, where some parishioner wanted to do his church a good turn, bought a re-foaming kit, and the result felt like the cone was welded to the basket.</p>

    That said, if you are brave and careful, you can get DIY kits kits from Parts Express. </p>

    Or if not try to find local people who do it. For an 8" driver the cost is likely to be around $50.00 or less.</p>

    To help foam surrounds last longer, make sure that no direct sunlight hits the speaker, or even the speaker covers. It is UV that speeds up the foam rot.</p>

    Most of the drivers I replace or repair are 15" drivers. They typically last 20 to 25 years, Smaller drivers tend to have thinner foam walls, and last anywhere from 12 to 18 years. </p>

    The other thing you can do, is contact Rodgers or a Rodgers dealer, and see what a replacement driver costs, or get specs. for the original driver so you can match it with a new one.</p>




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      Re: Repairing Rodgers Organ Speakers

      The direct replacements for an FR1.7 are Peerless # 832737. You can
      get them from any Rodgers dealer (Rodgers part number 1580-001) or
      authorized tech, or probably from other Peerless sources. Good luck!


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        Re: Repairing Rodgers Organ Speakers

        Just for reference, I've had 'issues' with the refoam kits from Parts Express, most commonly an inconsistency in size that ends up distorting the cone if you don't watch and allow for it.</p>

        I've had much better results (and support) with kits from both SpeakerWorks ( and Studio Sound Electronics (</p>

        -- Tom</p>

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