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Rodgers 535 AGAIN! ( Getting to sound Better ! )

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  • Rodgers 535 AGAIN! ( Getting to sound Better ! )

    After the combination (pistons) set-up which took place this A.M., I am about ready to do
    some apolgizing for my actions against the 535.

    The balance between the manuals and pedal division is great! And now my experimentation
    with the one of the many combination of registrations, i am now getting it to sound much
    I am getting my registrations to where i like to have them (per Combination), and yes it
    is begaining to reach my ears.

    The gentleman who did the voicing knew for certain what he was doing i am certain of
    that. He has done some real nice church installations in the area, in which i heard.

    He really took pains in the voicing process considering the room in which it was placed.
    (A bedroom turned into a music/ computer room).

    my complaints will now hopefully end, and the 535 will become part of family.

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    Re: Rodgers 535 AGAIN! ( Getting to sound Better ! )

    that's good to hear that you're happy with it. Didn't sound like a bad instrument at all, so if it lives up to (or surpasses) that sound sample, I'd sure be happy with it.


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      Re: Rodgers 535 AGAIN! ( Getting to sound Better ! )

      May I add my congratulations on your acquisition!

      If I may belabor a point--subject has been listed in other chains, but is worth
      repeating here for reference by all.

      My most memorable experience in the 'acoustics' realm was in 1988, with an
      inexpensive Casio keyboard. Of course, it sounds like a toy through its
      internal speakers--then a friend ran its output into her
      'wall'--two Woodson amplifiers (only 20 W each, but that is plenty) and
      TWO cabinets of: (2) 15" woofers, (1) 10" midrange, and (1) 4x10" horn
      tweeter PER CABINET. Of course, the levels did not have to be very high--
      and, it sounded great even in her carpeted/draped living room!
      Further, headphones will always sound better than speakers--they transfer
      sound to the ear quite directly, with room acoustics totally irrelevant.

      My viewpoint was changed permanently--any attention to amplifiers/speakers
      is repaid handsomely, and promptly.

      Of course, the sound-system lesson information has been well used with
      my -990....but that is another story.

      Regards & Enjoy,