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Voicing by monkeys...

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  • Voicing by monkeys...

    Speaking of voicing by monkeys...
    I had half of my kids gone today for another bizzare "take half the kids out of school for no good reason field trip" today, so I decided to make good use of it by tuning my Allen TC-3.

    So, I got out my old trusty tuner and had monkey boy#1 help me by holding down the keys until every occilator was tuned. Of course you all realize what I did here..

    So, um any ideas on how a person can put back some modality of temperment into this thing? It sounds pretty bizzare if I do say so myself. Take it from the head monkey.

    I dont' know if I know how one tunes in a normal temperment. Any quick and simple ideas for how to make this thing sound less 'monkey like?" I am talking simple here. I may have to have my piano tuner help me, but I'd rather, like evey american, get a quick fix.

    Whoo hoo aaah haaah (stractches self like monkey).