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1974 Conn Organ

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  • 1974 Conn Organ

    My father in law has a 1974 Conn Organ for sale. He has always just had it in his home for his own pleasure. It works perfect and is in Tigard, Oregon. Does anyone know someone who would like to purchase this in the Oregon area or a church that may need it? They are in their late 80's and need to downsize.

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    Re: 1974 Conn Organ

    Not sure if you've looked into this yet, but Craigslist may help you find a buyer local to your area.

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      Re: 1974 Conn Organ

      And you'll need to tell people the model number. If you can't find it, a photo would let us ID it for you. Most model number plates are under the keyboards or on the back panel near the AC cord inlet.</p>

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