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Help on GEM H7000 electronic theatre organ

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  • Help on GEM H7000 electronic theatre organ

    GEM H7000 electronic thaeatre organ.</P>
    <P mce_keep="true"></P>

    Hi there, I am new to the forum, having just joined today.</P>

    From what I have read on here, you people seem to be my best starting point for help on the possible purchase of the above organ.</P>

    What I need to know is,</P>

    1 Can anyone tell me if this is suitable for a beginner?</P>

    2 Is this particular model any good?</P>

    3 Are there any common faults I should check for, before I buy it?</P>

    4 How much should I be expected to offer for this model?</P>

    5 Any idea of the "spec." for this particular model?</P>

    Sorry if this is a bit of a big ask, but I would like to know what I am doing, before I spend money on anything.</P>

    Hope someone can help with the above.</P>

    Thanks in advance,</P>

    please note that I am not too familiar with thechnical terms, so please make your replies as aesy to understand as possible.</P>

    Thanks again,</P>


    Plinker (UK Midlands)</P>

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    Re: Help on GEM H7000 electronic theatre organ

    The most comparable information I can recall is in an old post</P>

    Andy G probably has some additional information. I'm hoping he'll see this thread when I move it to the active list. He is also in the U.K. and may have some other suggestions for your organ search!</P>