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Rodgers Model 825, Help needed

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  • Rodgers Model 825, Help needed

    Hello all, I have recently acquired a beautiful 2 manual rodgers model 825. I am having a couple problems though and would appreciate any help.</p>

    1. It did not come with a manual, does anyone have any way I could get one? </p>

    2. There is a pretty big amp in the back, 1 sections is for direct connection with speakers. This is labeled pedal, swell principal, swell flute, great principal, and great flute. I have speakers hooked up to all of these. My problem is that the principals on the great only play if I switch the coupler "great-pedal antiphonal on" Something tells me some wires may be crossed on the amp somewhere?</p>

    3. A few flutes on the swell and great play VERY softly starting at the "C" from 2 octaves below middle c, and down.</p>

    4. The memory seems to be locked because I am unable to set my own memory.</p>


    These are the majority of little bugs I am working out, any help or info would be greatly appreciated. I am a 21 year old student that loves to practice on any free time I have. I started at my church and since I have my own I am usually at home. I cant figure out how to attach a photo but would be willing to email if needed.</p>

    Thanks in advance, Andrew


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    Re: Rodgers Model 825, Help needed


    Not sure if I can help, but here goes. An owners manual is probably available free of charge via the LDS website. I'm not sure exactly how I got there, but try googling church organ owner's manuals and you'll probably find something. These are user manuals only and DO NOT contain ANY technical information in them. </P>

    Try a local (if any) Rodgers dealer. Try calling Rodgers direct in Hillsboro. They won't sell you anything directly and will refer you to a local yocal.</P>

    I got my service/technical manual from a company over in the UK. Try [email protected]. They have a website which lists most of the manuals available, however, even if your model is not listed, try them. The manual for my model 800 was NOT listed, but they had it. My total cost was about $70. USD and I had the manual in just one week via regular airmail from UK.</P>

    Goodluck with you new toy.</P>