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Allen Protege Sound Question

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  • Allen Protege Sound Question

    I play an Allen Protege C-6 (I'm pretty sure) and I'm having trouble
    with what I think is the voicing. In the pedal division, particularly
    with the 16' Bourdon and the 8' Octave stops, they sound produced when
    they speak completely overpowers the rest of the sound from the
    speakers. This happens especially when they speak an Ab in both pedal
    octaves and is almost as bad with the G in both. It completely drowns
    out the trebel stops and is just generally not pleasing to the ear.
    What can I do? The organ only has two small speakers placed right
    beside one another in the very front and center of the church plus the
    internal speakers. I would really like to have at least two more
    speakers and I'm wondering if there is something I can do with the
    distribution of particular stops throughout the speakers. Thanks!

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    Re: Allen Protege Sound Question

    Your dealer will need to use DOVE software to level the stops (note by note probably) that are too loud in the particular digital ranks. Without additional amps, the C-6 amps can handle the internal speakers plus 4 full size cabinets. The additional 2 cabinets are what Allen refers to as a volume boost. The stops already have an assigned distribution. In an organ this size, I suggest leaving the distribution as is because there are only two channels out. Separating the external speaker cabinets will help spread the sound. If the console doesn't already have an antiphonal relay, I suggest adding this option. This will allow the console speakers to be turned off – the external cabinets remain on. If you elect to add this option, ask the technician to wire the internal speakers to the relay. This will enable the slider volume bars on the relay to control the console speaker volume so you won't feel you are being "blown" off the organ bench.