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Monarke Organ

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  • Monarke Organ

    I randomly looked at Johannus on the internet. I saw something about Monarke and clicked on it. I then heard very beautiful music. Lots of digital organ companies have nice-sounding organ music on their pages, but this music is so beautiful! I have never heard anything quite this good come out of a digital organ. I do have to say the Allen organ at the cathedral in Valladolid, Spain sounds very nice, but I think this sounds better.

    How good in Monarke? The recording on the website is really nice. If anyone has one or is familiar with them, I would love to hear from you.


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    The Monarke organ is Johannus' premium custom division/range. Think of it as Allen's Elite to their standard Quantum Renaissance range (the Monarke has been around a lot longer than the Elite). Sounds pretty good from the recordings I've heard, and definitely a huge improvement over the standard Johannus range, which after their recent spectacularly poor PR campaign demo videos, left me rather disappointed.

    The Valladolid Allen installation is very impressive and the story behind it makes a good read. I've never heard of Pilar Cabrera but she's a very fine organist. More details here:
    1971 Allen Organ TC-3S (#42904) w/sequential capture system.
    Speakers: x1 Model 100 Gyro, x1 Model 105 & x3 Model 108.


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      In the past, I had been underwhelmed with the promotional recordings Johannus has on their site. I had not been aware of Monarke until last night. I am again on the Monarke minisite streaming sweet music. I really love Baroque organ music and Baroque tonal design.

      Are these available in the US? This Monarke sounds very impressive. I still believe there is no true substitute for a pipe organ. Sometimes, I think a good electronic organ installation is very fascinating, but I would still rather have a pipe organ.


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        Monarke organs are available in the US. Monarke is really more of a technical platform than a series of models. Generally they are custom, but not necessarily. They have a model called A-C VII. To confuse things even more, the Makin Custom organs are built on the Monarke platform. I played a Monarke organ recently and it was really quite nice.

        Although Monarke organs are available in the US, only very few custom Monarke instruments have been sold in North America.

        Pipe organs are still the real deal, so a good pipe organ is preferrable. Just minor issues of cost, space, maintenance costs get in the way of getting one.



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          I would love to have a double artiste with a pretty facade. That would beat the heck out of what we have. I would really rather have a tracker! A double artiste would be nice though.

          I saw one with a 16' 8' 4' reed chorus, an independent mixture a string at 8' and 4', two flute choruses and a principal chorus. It was installed in a live room and sounded very nice.

          A double Artiste would be pretty low maintenance and flexible, but physically small. I imagine the cost of operation would not be very high.


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            Yes, the minor details like cost. A modest sized Monarke, or four manual Johannus Rembrandt 497, or even the outrageous American Classic VII can be installed for under US$60,000. A real tracker action pipe organ goes for about $30,000 per rank these days. Three-hundred thousand dollars doesn't buy much of a pipe organ anymore.