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Allen Website--Featuring MOVING DRAWKNOBS!!! LOL

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  • Allen Website--Featuring MOVING DRAWKNOBS!!! LOL

    As the owner of 3 Allen organs, I got a chuckle today from their pop-up on Allen's website which so proudly states:
    For a limited time only:
    Chapel Commemorative Organs by Allen
    Featuring Deluxe Moving Drawknobs
    These special models offer thousands of dollars in savings

    ROFL!!! I remember a time when non-moving drawknobs hadn't even been heard of! Now, they're being offered as a feature?!!!

    Now I need to go clean myself off!
    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
    • MOS-2 Model 505-B / ADC-4300-DK / ADC-5400 / ADC-6000 (Symphony) / ADC-8000DKC
    • Lowrey Heritage (DSO-1)
    • 11 Pump Organs, 1 Pipe Organ & 7 Pianos

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    The Chapel series are their low-price point organs, and they haven't been offered before with drawknobs at all, just lighted rocker tabs.

    That's what's special about these models. I don't know the pricing on these.



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      Hi Toodles,

      Allen was never terribly interested in competing at the low end. They always believed that their organs were worth more because of higher quality and the Allen name plate. For years they trumpeted that their organs were durable and long lived. They certainly were well built, and many endured - many Allens are over 30 years old, and more than one might think are over 40 and even 50 years old.

      The problem increasingly became for them the fact that a lot of organ sales were happening where Allen was not competing. So to cut costs, they introduced lighted stop controls in the 90s, more recently using Fatar keyboards, and even their consoles do not look as solid and heavy as they used to.

      Putting moving drawstops on otherwise entry level organs, shows to me that there are still quite a few potential buyers who value cosmetics over sound. If they decided to upgrade the sound quality, and audio, etc. I would be more impressed. My guess is that these organs will be less costly than a Quantum, but quite a bit more than some competitor's offerings.

      Of all the major organ companies, Allen has perhaps suffered the biggest decline. My guess is these organs are offered to fill in a perceived gap.

      Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.



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        Hi, Arie V.

        My out of territory dealer told me that the wholesale costs on these left him un-interested in doing much with these, in other words, their pricing isn't all that great.

        He also advised the Chapel Series (low end) are only 2 channels, and the sound suffers as a result, compared to the bigger/better Allens.