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My MDS-40S

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  • My MDS-40S

    I thought I'd post a picture of my "new-to-me" Allen organ with which I've recently been tinkering around. Thanks go to several knowedgeable people on this board for helping me with a little tweaking and minor repair work.

    I've attached the picture. Not all that versed in message boards and tried to figure out how to post an HTML link on here and gave up! The pic is also in the gallery on my profile page if the attachment doesn't work...

    I purchased it about a year ago from a local seller who had bought it brand new also as a home practice instrument. It was substantially revoiced when I moved it into my home (by the local Allen dealer, at no cost, believe it or not!)

    I did some minor repair work to the foam surrounds on the midrange drivers (thanks to jbird604) and changed settings on the ADR-4 reverb unit (again, thanks to jbird604 and also to DellAnderson). Evidently the foam-rubber-surround woofers in all four speaker cabinets had been replaced with textile-accordion-style surround woofers prior to my purchasing it. As far as the reverb unit goes, once I figured out what all the settings and DIP switches did, it was relatively simple to get the reverb sounding quite authentic; just trial and error until you get the sound you like. It's amazing what that little box can do.

    One of the power supplies to a cage went bad a couple of months ago, I called the local Allen dealer, and the Service Tech came that same day and replaced it. I didn't think it was priced unreasonably, and I was happy to pay them for something since they had been so helpful in spending a day me when I got it, voicing it for no cost.

    Other than that, I was very lucky in getting an instrument that had been so well-cared for and was in excellent shape both mechanically and aesthetically. The only scratches on the console were put there by my movers! Argh!

    Case in point - Beware if you purchase an organ and it has to be moved from an upstairs loft, down a winding staircase! I'll leave most of the details out, but what should have been a two-hour job wound up taking an entire day and involved my renting a hydraulic scissor lift, the organ being moved through French doors upstairs, onto a 2nd floor balcony, over a railing, suspended over a pool deck, and around an extremely large house through the yard to finally, the moving van! My movers, and myself, have no idea HOW the organ got up there in the first place, but the previous owner swears that the movers took it up the winding staircase. Evidently they were acrobats and gymnasts who had been through some major body-building routines!!!

    I'm told that the previous owner rarely played it. Evidently after purchasing it, she became more interested in harsichord and/or piano so she finally decided to part with it.

    I had always wanted a practice instrument at home but never did I think I'd have an instrument of this caliber. I consider myself to be very fortunate. I hope it will last me many, many, many more years to come...
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    Allen MDS-40S at home
    Hauptwerk VPO driven by MIDI from the Allen

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    We hate you with a passion:devil:, but wish you well with your new organ. What a find!!! And you have MIDI on board!

    I hope you enjoy it to its fullest!


    P.S. Now, God, please forgive me the sin of envy!
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