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Baldwin H-900

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  • Baldwin H-900

    So, what do you know about this organ? I've been told by many that this organ is even WORSE than the "Rodgers" 235 that I've fallen in love with. I've heard that you can't ever get parts for this etc. etc. etc. Is this the same sort of thing as a Galanti Preludium--which I used to also play in a small church, but which I found to be of even lesser quality than the Rodgers... the pedal was truly, epically messed up..


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    This organ that is advertised is actually a precursor of the Praeludium organ. If I remember correctly it was called the Galanti Prelude. Not a very good sounding organ or impressively built for that matter. These were built from the early 80s till about 1986. This is an analog organ, and has no MIDI implementation. Only a few were ever sold by Baldwin and they were sold on the basis of LOW price.

    I don't believe Baldwin or Galanti in North America ever supported these models much. Basically they were clearout specials. There are still a few of these organs on the go.

    As to value, I can't imagine these models to be worth more the $500 on a good day.



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      It's a nasty, snarly sounding thing. When I was working for a retailer, one came in on trade, and it couldn't be given away for a few years. Seeing as it was called the "Howard Series", one customer who was trying it out for a few short minutes dubbed it the "How-weird".