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New Rodgers "500 Series Organ"

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  • New Rodgers "500 Series Organ"

    I see that Rodgers has posted information on thier website about their version of the Roland "Classic Keyboard Series" C-330 and the just introduced C-380. Does anybody have any idea what the pricing of the new "500 Series" will be and if any of these models has shown up in dealer show rooms yet? What is "Pipe Organ Modeling Technologies? Does this mean that Rodgers is not using sampling in this series of organs ???

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    Looking at the stoplist (and not a detailed analysis, just from memory), it looks like these are just the C330/C380 put into a Rodgers AGO console with more pistons and a wooden finished cabinet. It'll be interesting to see how much more they ask for such relatively simple changes.



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      These organs are, in fact, using the same chip as the Roland C series, but the Rodgers 500 series have AGO pedalboards. A dealer told me he hoped to be able to sell these with internal speakers for well under $20,000. I, too, noticed the "modeling" reference and hope that they are not just throwing around buzzwords that are popular. On the one hand, Viscount has patents on pipe organ modeling. On the other hand, Roland has been into modeling for a long time. The V-piano is pretty amazing. The wording on the Rodgers sites suggests that they are probably using some modeling to enhance their samples. It could be nothing more than reverb. or it might be like one of Roland's digital pianos that use samples but also uses modeling techniques for pedaling, sympathetic resonance, and decay characteristics.