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Whats a reasonable asking price for a Rodgers 800

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  • Whats a reasonable asking price for a Rodgers 800

    I posted an ad locally on craigslist looking for an organ under $500.

    I got a reply from a church locally who is interested in selling their Rodgers Model 800 organ, with an overabundance of speakers (literal words!)

    They bought a new organ and no longer use it.

    He didn't mention a price, but whats does this instrument usually sell for today? (with speakers)?

    Pictures attached.

    Oh my! Its white!

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    White or not, I really like the looks of that one. Wish I had the room for something like it. The market for these is pretty poor so, whatever you give should be considered a contribution to the church. I'm only about 80 miles south of you and that's how I ended up with mine. The model 800 was called "Alexandria" and built in 1978.
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      An organ like this should go for $500 or less. Very little demand for organs like this anymore. Nothing against analog organs, but the buzz today is "digital" and "MIDI"

      This Rodgers 800, dates from the late 70s, was at best a decent model, but not spectacular, 2 manual tab style organ. I serviced an organ similar to this yesterday, can't say I was impressed.

      They were well built, and typically quite reliable. Now though, it is very much on the down side of life.

      If interested, you should see it hooked up to some speakers, and test it for functionality.



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        Thanks for the replies!

        Yes I will request that I play it before making a purchase.

        It seems similar to my old rodgers 22b, so I should be able to navigate around it easily.

        Im just excited it has a crescendo, toe studs, and greater range of combinations! (32' stop too)

        It surly must be an improvement of my 22b by some degree. My 22b wasn't bad.

        I want a conn, and wasn't planning on having another gargantuan rodgers! These things are massive in construction. Even the pedalboards seem overly constructed.


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          People are asking $700 for a Hammond H382 and $700 last week in Chicago for a Hammond RT3 with tone cabinet. The 382 is 25 pedals and the RT3 is 32 pedals, but flat, not curved. Don't know what they are getting, but if you can get this for $500 and it works, I'd say go for it, with one caveat. Don't know if Rogers schematics are available. Having to hire a factory tech for the inevitable decay of middle age would increase your costs a lot. None of these has showed up on "electronics' for example. Hammond schematics are public domain, is one reason we diy enthusiasts are sold on them.
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