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Programming a Crescendo Pedal in a Hardwired-Software Console

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  • Programming a Crescendo Pedal in a Hardwired-Software Console

    I would like your input on programming a crescendo pedal in a classic -- as opposed to theater -- organ.

    In this day of easily compiled scripts and electronic circuitry, there are additional options for accomplishing this task which did not exist 50 years ago.

    1. Specifically, what is the artistic feasibility of programming the crescendo pedal as follows?

    (1) Begin with the softer stops, as usual.
    (2) But, as louder stops are added, begin dropping out the softer stops.

    In this manner you would increase the sound amplitude while at the same time keeping the sound from being "muddied" by the sonorities of the many softer stops. Does this destroy the traditional concept of a crescendo pedal?

    2. Which stops and which couplers would you include in your script? Which would you exclude?

    3. How many stages would your employ? My previous console -- of pipe organ origin -- had a roller with 40 stages. At approximately 6 ranks I would consider that as overly generous.

    I am rewiring my electronic organ console with Artisan boards. As with Syndyne boards, all relay functions will be hard wired and need not be controlled by the off-board computer. The goal is to have more control of a specific organ disposition than is available in the "authentic" organ sound samples that Hauptwerk provides.
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    Without actually knowing the specifications of the instrument you are controlling, it's difficult to say. I'm not sure about dropping out the softer stops with the crescendo, but I think being able to have the crescendo add celestes at the softer levels and then having the celestes drop out for the fuller combinations would be useful.

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