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Photos of Rodgers 835 needed!

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  • Photos of Rodgers 835 needed!


    Could someone who owns or has access to a Rodgers 835 please send me a coule of photos of the stop jambs? The reason I need this is because I'm writing a midi file import/export utility, and I want to lay the screen out in the same way as the organ console. I need to be able to read the names on the stops in the photos, and see the layout.

    Many thanks - Rowan
    rowan (at) sylvester-bradley (dot) org

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    Would you mind elaborating on this MIDI import/export utility? I've got a 760, while sending note data is fine, stop and piston changes on this organ use SysEx. It would be simple if it was one stop = one unique SysEx code. But I've discovered that the SysEx code is a result the entire set of on/off states of all stops and couplers on the whole organ. Every registration has its unique SysEx value. Have you come across the same situation in your 835?

    You may be interested in the following link. I haven't tried it out, but thought of it when I read your post.


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      Did you ever get photos of the Rodgers 835?
      - Marvin

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