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Collection of organ music recordwed with OrganAssist

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  • Collection of organ music recordwed with OrganAssist

    Does any user of OrganAssist ( have a collection of recorded music (I'm principally interested in church music - hymns, anthems, voluntaires etc.), including registration, that they would be prepared to share with me? Preferably this should be recorded on at least a two manual plus pedal instrument.

    Many thanks - Rowan
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    Thanks for letting me know about this software. Can I edit MIDI files? I'm going to have some fun!


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      Originally posted by cantornikolaos View Post
      Can I edit MIDI files?
      Well, OrganAssist doesn't use midi for storing music internally, for some good reasons which are explained on the OrganAssist site. But it can import Midi files recorded on any organ for which it has a "model", and it can export Midi files for any other (possibly different) organ for which it also has a model. OrganAssist comes with some models, and they are not that difficult to create if you either have access to the organ (OrganAssist has the ability to "learn" the midi codes from the organ) or if you know the midi codes transmitted by each drawstop, coupler, manual etc. The clever bit is that OrganAssist can "map" the resources (drawstops, manuals etc.) including the registration and the midi codes used by the recording organ to the "best fit" on the target organ. This feature is, as far as I know, unique to OrganAssist, and is of great value to anyone who wants to record music on one organ and play it back on a different one. It is particularly interesting to those with pipe organs, every one of which is different.

      OrganAssist has a music editor with which you can edit music in its internal format. This includes editing the registration as well as the notes. This feature is better suited to making minor changes and correcting mistakes in a recorded piece, rather than creating a piece from scratch.

      I hope this helps! Let us know how you get on!