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How to Configure Speaker Connections for Rodgers Cambridge 220

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  • How to Configure Speaker Connections for Rodgers Cambridge 220

    Dear Readers,

    I am new the organforum as a new Rodgers organ owner. I won a Rodgers Cambridge 220 Drawknow organ on ebay. $450.00 I felt the price was very fair... here's the ringer. Bench is included, no speaker systerm. The seller thought it would make be more profitable selling 7' x 3' speaker rack and amplifers as a separate bidding.

    I pick this instrument up on 06-30-2011.

    I know there are six output channels. I really don't want the 7' x 3' rack in my home (or I should say my wife doesn't) want all these speakers in the house!

    Do you know if I can run the sound of all the stops through the Leslie 147 output plug Using the Main Off and Echo On stop tablet and run the sound through the echo adaptor and use the Leslie as the echo sound source.

    Thank you.

    Curtis L. King

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    I wouldn't mix six channels down to one. It won't sound good. Chances are, you can get enough sound to fill the space your organ is in from relatively compact speakers. If I hook my old, crappy MIDI keyboard to my old, crappy PC and run HW, I get plenty of sound from my 160W Pioneer shelf system. It's not quite audiophile, but it fills the room it's in nicely. In the case of a house practice organ, a decent stereo system with enough channels might do the job. I'm sure there are plenty of HW people doing it.