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Newbie Looking for friends

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  • Newbie Looking for friends

    Hi,My name is Ryan Lake I'm 20 and I'm from texas I have been playing the organ since i was 8 and I taught myself how to play the organ (with help from the organist at my church(First United Methodist Church) in Rowlett Texas I currently own a BaldwinC720 organ I think it's late 70's Early 80's and A Rodgers 835 organ at church(which i can play pretty much whenever i want to even though i am Not the organist at the church(I have filled in a few times. other than playing the organ I love to sing and currently take voice lessons. I also enjoy Reading ,swimming Football and basketball and Hanging out with my friends.

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    Re: Newbie Looking for friends

    Hi Ryan, and welcome! You might think of posting this under the heading General Chat in the thread, "So what is everyone all about?"

    You may also click on "Profile" at the top of the page and enter information there, if you want.


    Wurlitzer/Viscount C-380 3 manual with Conn pipes.


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      Re: Newbie Looking for friends

      Hello Ryan;
      Well i am certainly happy to welcome you to the world of the ORGAN! And what a world
      it is! Ah! Yes, a very interesting and satisfying instrument it is.
      I hav'nt found an instrument as yet to compete with the granduer and majesty of the organ.
      I have been around them for probibly thirty years or so, and have played both the pipe,
      electronic, and digital instruments.
      I would like to say that really i find them all interesting, but really i lean still to the "original"
      "King of Instruments", the "PIPE ORGAN".
      I did purchase a "Digital" organ for my home about six months ago, and it is a pretty
      decent instrument.
      You should find yourself an organist position, i beleive that you may find it satisfying indeed,
      especially if you get into good church, try it! I think that you may like it.
      You also take voice lessons, Fantastic! This also can fit into the organ field.
      You are a young man, and can find some great opportunities in the music field, of course
      it probibly is'nt the most paying field to enter, but it can be rewarding in other ways.



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        Re: Newbie Looking for friends

        Hello Ryan! Welcome to the organ forums! I live pretty close to DFW airport... not too far away, eh?

        Are you a member of the Dallas chapter AGO?