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Connecting Allen AE-50 to Allen MDS-10

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  • Connecting Allen AE-50 to Allen MDS-10

    I bought an Allen MDS-10 organ and already had the old Allen AE-50 sound module. I cannot seem to find where the gray (audio cables) connect from the AE-50 to the inside of the organ - - anyone with a suggestion? Thanks! Stuart

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    There's a "mixer" board in any almost post-1983 Allen digital organ, that will have RCA sockets for external components. (in the earliest imaginings, merely for a reverb unit) It will be a circuit board that has "mixer" written on it. On most Allens small or large it is going to be on the inside of one of the fly-out wood panels. Like this:

    You just have to look around in there. Especially, by the time of MDS-10, they would have anticipated external audio sources.
    If you've never been behind your organ, be careful about the music rack if it's the non-foldable variety! Very easy to bang your head on it!
    The AE-50 is pretty ancient. How many sounds does it have? I think there was one on ebay ages ago...and the instructions for the ADC MIDI "translator" mentions it.


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      We found the board and it had several RCA sockets... it was hit and miss until we found the right combination! IT WORKS! Thank you. I have found that the general pistons correspond to the sounds in the AE-50. IE - if I select piston 1 it moves the AE-50 to sound 1. If I select 7 it moves it to sound 7.... well, that's all fine and good for what it's worth HOWEVER, there must be a way to by-pass that. I may want to use the oboe solo stop on the AE-50 number 28... however, when I select pistion 1 on the organ it moves the AE-50 to #1 instead. I can't take the time then to dial up to #28.... there has to be a way to say DON'T allow the AE-50 to change (except manually...) Any thoughts on that one? Thanks!!!


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        If you join the "Allen Organ Owners Club" on their website (free, no verification required LOL), you can probably download the manual.


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          stuartl28803, What was your solution to your problem? "there has to be a way to say DON'T allow the AE-50 to change (except manually...) Any thoughts on that one? Thanks!!! "

          I have the same need.


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            I don't think the AE-50 manual shows up on the user section, but if you email Allen from their website, they will research it and answer your question. They are quite helpful, in my experience.



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              Yes, Allen is very helpful, but mostly with Allen Organs and accessories. I need to know how to make a KORG TR-61 control an MDS-40-S and AE-50 independently. Using the MDS-40-S on it's own with the AE-50 works fine. They are designed to work together. There is a switch on each manual for the MDS-40-S to turn on and off MIDI signal to the AE-50. I haven't been able to configure a similar switch (SW1 or SW2) or Realtime Control knob 1-4 on the KORG TR-61 to turn down the AE-50 when I don't want it to play.

              I have been able to change patches on the AE-50 independently of the MDS-40-S by turning on/off Programs Change in various COMBI I have defined to match the General Pistons of the MDS-40-S.

              Now I need to be able to send a CC#7 volume message to the AE-50 without changing the volume of the MDS-40-S. So far the CC#7 message is changing volume on all devices. I tried turning off Control Change on various MIDI ch., but that didn't seem to work.

              On later model Allen Sound Modules patch 1 is MIDI OFF. The AE-50 doesn't have a MIDI OFF patch so I trying to send a volume Zero message to just the AE-50 on MIDI ch. 5 from the KORG TR-61 without changing volume on the MDS-40-S

              I've found some discussion about using the sequence mode on the KORG TR-61 to accomplish this task, but loading a sequence from and SD card every performance is not very practical and an accidental power down would require a reload to get things up and running. I found a post that talked about assigning SW1 to something called AMS, but I haven't been able to get that to work on an External device( AE-50 ) yet.

              I'd like to avoid adding a MIDI patch bay or Computer control to this setup. I hope I just need to learn more about the KORG TR-61 to get this working.


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                Have you joined the Allen Owners Group on Yahoo and askes about it there? There are people there who seem very technically knowledgeable about such things.



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                  I haven't joined the Allen Owners Group on Yahoo. I did join the Allen Owner's Club at . I actually got it to work!!. I don't completely understand how or why it's working, but it is working. I was editing COMBIs on the Korg TR-61 trying to solve a level jump that happened occasionally when switching between COMBI when all of a sudden the COMBI I have named General Piston 8 was able to adjust the volume of the AE-50 without adjusting the Main organ level. It involves KEYZ(Key split/layer) and MIDI Channel that seem to be making it work. I copied that COMBI to the other nine I have stored on the KORG TR-61 for General Pistons 1-10 and now it's working fine. I was originally using a Layer to bring in the PEDAL for the bottom octave of the KORG TR-61.

                  I can't make much sense out of why it's working, but it does what I want. Next I will explore the "Ensemble" mode of the AE-50 and see if I can get some percussion to work along with the piano sound.
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