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Reverb units and adding other stops to organ

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  • Reverb units and adding other stops to organ

    I'm really close to buying an older Allen that looks like the one I posted earlier....

    Only the one I'm looking at has a very lightly tinted finish, almost like the pedals but a little darker.

    The instrument is no self contained and the guy is trying to find some externals for it.

    OK, now to my question. I've read on here and other places that you can add an Alesis or Lexicon reverb unit to a digital organ. This one is older (80's) but it is digital and has MIDI. Can you add additional stops/sounds to an digital organ with MIDI? I'm not the best with computers but I have friends that are, so that seems like a cool option, if it's possible. Like adding a 32 Contra Bombarde and a 4 Regal of some sort in the pedal, maybe a Schalmei, or just a Regal. It's got a 16' Posaune and an 8" Trompete to start with.

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    Re: Reverb units and adding other stops to organ

    If the organ has MIDI, then you can add either the Allen Ensemble, that has 32' pedal voices or the Rodgers MX-200 which also has 32' pedal stops. They both have several other pipe organ stops as well for the manuals.