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Pedal problems with midi conversion

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  • Pedal problems with midi conversion

    I have a custom Allen Model 1500 (1974) that is 3 manuals and 32-pedal AGO reed
    pedal board.

    My manuals and pedals are all wired to Roman Sowa's midi-hardware.

    All notes on manuals or pedals play properly in Hauptwerk 4.0 when played
    independently. However, if I play a 3-note chord on 2 different manuals and play
    1 pedal, I can watch the notes on the HW screen and they seem to act like you
    are doing a run on the chord notes. If I add a 7th to one of the chords (giving
    me 7 notes at the same time) and add a pedal, all I get is the sound of the
    pedal and none of the manual notes show as being played in HW.

    Something is happening in conjunction with the pedals being played along with 6,
    7, 8 or more notes on the manuals. I have checked Sowa's hardware and it appears
    to be working correctly. I can switch the pedal wiring to another vacant wiring
    terminal and the error still occurs. This error does not occur with 6, 7, 8 or
    more notes on the manuals and no pedal.

    I have also logged the activity via Midi-OX and I can see the notes on the
    manuals vacillating as I described above.

    I know HW is not the problem and the hardware from Sowa appears good.
    The grounds on the 3 manuals and pedals are connected so it should not be a
    fluctuation in voltages. All wires from manuals and pedals are soldered cleanly
    and not touching. The power to the midi hardware is from a regulated AC/DC
    converter and supplies a clean 12V DC. Finally, this problem has only recently
    started happening.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.