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Rodgers Allegiants not really all that great

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  • Rodgers Allegiants not really all that great

    I recently had the opportunity to play a new Rodgers organ - it's an Allegiant 698. I'd definitely say it's a step down from my Rodgers T-787 despite having more stops, more manuals, and drawknobs instead of tablets. The rolling lock top feels very thin (aka cheap) and almost impossible to manuever. Despite its size, it just has a a few general couplers and the volume indicators are in the display instead of seperate LEDs. I think the church could have done better. Just my humble opinion.

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    ...And how does it sound?


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      I liked the sound ok. I did't play it long enough to form an opinion about that aspect other than that it's adequate. It's hard to say since I didn't install it so I don't know what they set the bass, etc. at. Oh well, you get what you pay for. It does have MIDI built in and I like that but overall it feels like a rather cheap organ (relatively speaking).


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        It's that rather flismy cover that really got me. You about have to wrestle with that thing just to get it to open and close. Maybe there's something they forgot to put in it. But it's so increadibly thin.


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          Well the Allegiant line is a lower level line compared to the Trillium. Think of them as a "made in USA" version of the Insignia line.

          I heard recently that Rodgers has stopped building some of the Allegiant line, due to the fact that "they ran out of parts" I think the Allegiant drawstop models were among the discontinued ones.

          Would not surprise me, that the Allegiant line is being replaced by the technology that is currently in the Roland Classic series, and has already spilled over into the Rodgers line.



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            Yeah my local Rodgers dealer told me that basically Roland is coming up with all the new technology and incorporating it into Rodgers.