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Rodgers Scarborough 110-II Problems

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  • Rodgers Scarborough 110-II Problems

    I know there are other posts about problems with this model, but these are
    different problems.

    I have been asked to play from time to time at a Presbyterian Church on St. Simons
    Island, Georgia, and have discovered that they have a Rodgers Scarborough 110-II.

    I have no information as to the history of this instrument or who did the installation,
    but the church was built 12 years ago, so the Scarborough had a long history before
    ending up here. Church memory seems to be very limited; information is in short supply.

    There are apparently two speaker arrays, behind grill cloth above and to each side
    of the altar. I have not climbed up into their "chambers" as yet. There are two wires
    leading away from the console, so, if my understanding is correct, the four audio channels
    have been combined down to two. There is no reason to believe that these are not
    the original 1970's speakers. I do understand that the amplifiers are with the speakers,
    not in the console.

    Problem #1 Four keys are very intermittent, now and then playing most voices, sometimes
    playing none and sometimes playing a few voices. These are all F#s - above middle C and
    also above Soprano C on both manuals. Rapid repetition does not solve the problems. Other
    F#s are OK. Sort of limits the use of the keys of G and D.

    Problem #2 After a few minutes, a buzzing sound [not a hum] comes out of the left speakers.
    This gets louder with time. I suspect either a heat-related or capacitor-related problem. The
    Pastor is particularly bothered by this, and, while the buzz is reasonably soft, I don't blame him.

    Problem #3 This organ needs to be voiced for this "room". The reeds, in particular, speak very
    softly. [I hope this is a voicing problem, not an electronic one.] Thanks to the help of two members
    of this Forum, I have located a service manual and should be receiving it shortly. Being far from an
    expert, but pretty handy, I did revoice a Rodgers 330, a few years ago, from scratch, using its
    service manual, so I have some idea as to how to do this. Any "tips" would be most welcome.

    This church does not have an organist and hasn't for some time. Their "music director" is a young
    pianist in her first job as such. I will be playing next week because she will be away. I attended
    yesterday's service because I like to understand each particular Church's way of doing things before
    the first day of my playing.

    Everyone I met was very friendly. One of the "elders" of this church told me right away that he and
    his fellow elders were aware that they probably needed a "new" organ. But, as with many churches,
    money for such a project seems to be in short supply. "New" organ notwithstanding, it would be nice
    to fix whatever is fixable on this organ in the meantime.

    I have posted here before, both asking for and giving information and advice, and have found the members
    of this forum to be first-rate. I have an Allen ADC2110 with two HC-14s and a Harrison Labs DSP Ambiance
    Processor [installed by me]. It sounds terrific and I love it. It is probably just what this church needs, but
    lacking a bigger and better replacement, it is going to stay right here. [My wife has been very tolerant of
    the two HC14s in the living room; and my practicing which she claims to like to hear. The room is large, but
    I am not sure what reaction an instrument with more speakers will elicit. I have a feeling 4 would be
    "pushing it"; six out of the question.]

    Many thanks in advance,

    Rick Powers

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    When you get the service manual you will find somewhere near the beginning a section called "check out procedure" or similar. Carefully run through that and document exactly which errors you find. Then post the errors here and we'll have a better idea of how to help you. You might find that all your errors point to a single bad diode or something. Don't expect much help from the Rodgers schematics in the service manual. They aren't very complete.
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