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Rodgers to me!

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  • Rodgers to me!

    Well, I just acquired a used (of course) Rodgers 850 organ from a defunct church here locally in my town.. I know its old school tech. but that doesn't bother me. When I went to check it out, everything was disconnected. All the speaker system, like 5 or 6 huge cluster boxes of multiple 6x9's and 2 huge dual 15" subwoofer boxes plus a mirad of s100 amps, were still intact up in the front attic. The story goes by the new owners of the building that the amps were ordered by the city fire marshall to be disconnected because of there open design and because they were just laying up in a unfinished part of the building. The previous church had given in to the praise band years ago so it really didn't matter to them to "chop the end of the male 120v cord ends" and throw them away. That was what satisfied the fire marshall I guess. So upon a second visit to examine the organ I decided to bring a small powered studio monitor and a adapter cord that I had made to terminate into a 5 pin male plug. I tried all 6 plug ends and was pleased to hear that the organ works! The stops all seem to work and this organ has the lighted draw knobs of which all light up. Any information on this organ is much appreciated and if anyone knows where I can get a schematic(s) please let me know...

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    Rodgers has their technical manuals available in pdf format--they didn't charge me for them. You will probably need a web-based file transfer service, as the size gets large.

    If, however, Rodgers has a printed copy available it would be worth purchasing. Many of the schematics are better served by large paper size than 8-1/2 x 11.

    Call Rodgers HQ and I suspect you'll end up with what you need.