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ADC 1200 question....

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  • ADC 1200 question....

    Does the combination action memory use a battery to hold the memory when the power is turned off? I just realized the combination action memory on the organ I practice on whenever I get the chance doesn't hold after the power is turned off.

    This organ is either a 1100 or 1200 model. If there is a battery could someone tell me how to find it so I can replace it. The organ is not played much any more and the church doesn't spend much on maintenace. The congregation is sweet, though.
    Allen T 12B

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    There were two different types of capture action in the 1000-series Allen ADC organs. If you have moving tabs, then you have a DM-3 capture action and it will have a pair of rechargeable AA batteries soldered to the DM-3 circuit board. They should have been replaced about every 5 years, so if the organ has been sitting for years unused, they may be rotten, possibly have leaked out and it's a wonder the memory board works at all. If you see them, cut them off the board even if you don't plan to replace them. If left in place they could do serious damage.

    If you don't have moving tabs but instead a blind capture action, it will still have a small memory board with two AA rechargeables, and the same advice applies!

    You can replace the two AAs with a shrink-wrapped pack sold for handheld phones. Just be sure to observe the correct polarity.
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      And, when you replace them, install them OFF the circuit board, so that if they leak they don't damage the circuit board.



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        Many thanks...

        for the advice!
        Allen T 12B


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          I recently acquired an Allen ADC-3100 and it has a capture memory issue. Going to open it up soon and look for that DM board and see what I can find. The memory works fine on pedal and great but the swell kicks out all stops regardless of what you set and also when you press reset. The same with Alterables - pops them all out except for one coupler. We already fixed the expression pedals (burnt bulbs) and replaced card reader bulbs with LEDs. Now this next challenge...any tips before I open it up again?


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            Originally posted by RobbieB767 View Post
            I recently acquired an Allen ADC-3100 and it has a capture memory issue. Going to open it up soon and look for that DM board and see what I can find.

            I have a different model organ, but if your batteries are located on the USCP (Capture Action Board), it may look something like the photo below. You will be able to tell if they are going bad because they will be oxidized.

            Hope this photo helps.

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