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Baldwin on Ebay ... any info?

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  • Baldwin on Ebay ... any info?

    I noticed this Baldwin on Ebay:

    (= Ebay item # 180829190734)

    Can't seem to scare up any Blue Book info on this model, nor am I having any luck with Google etc.

    Does anyone know the basics on it, e.g. age, tone generation, etc.?

    You can just get a glimpse of the grill cloth in the attached picture.... it says "early 70s" to me, but that's just a guess.

    Any info?
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    I can't give you a lot of info on it, but I do have to play a very similar Baldwin in a church here fairly regularly. This one looks to be a slightly larger spec than the one I deal with, so it may sound some better ? I'm not at all impressed with the sound of the one I have to use, but then I am comparing it to a few Allens I know. On the one I have to play, all the stops sound pretty much alike for the most part. Just differences in volume levels between them, and a slightly more flutey sound when you use the Sw flutes. The reeds are, well not reedey enough to mention. The extra speakers may help this one, or not ?

    I have had the back off the one I play, and can confirm it is transistorized . I can't ID the model # of the one I play, as there is no ID plate on it anywhere. The one I play has a set of push buttons on the right side cheek block for the transposer. I asked the folks at the church where it is what year they thought it might have been bought, but no one recalls. I think you are right about early 70s though.

    The one I play has a flat radiating 25 note pedalboard.

    If you need a practice organ, it may be good for that. Attached is a photo or two of the one I am referring to. I have photos of the inside too if needed.

    Regards, Larry
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    Regards, Larry

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