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1995 Rodgers 610 Ballpark Valuation, Info

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  • 1995 Rodgers 610 Ballpark Valuation, Info

    Hi, first time poster here.

    I've come across a Rodgers digital model 610, probably a 1994 or 1995. My church received it as a donation to help raise funds for the installation of a rescued 700-pipe organ (a huge undertaking in and of itself). We're trying to figure out a ball-park price for the Rodgers organ. The original owner paid about $16k for it when new. It's in excellent condition, having been used in a residence of a church organist.

    It has two manuals, 61 velocity-sensitive keys, 31 speaking stops, dual expression, antiphonal on/of, 2 ch. integral audio, MIDI, aux line in/out, digital reverb, 8 pistons, 4 general memories, chimes, lighted tilt-tab stops, lighted music stand, and lighted AGO footboard. The console is oak and appears to be well built. Probably pretty standard stuff for a Rodgers of the mid 90s?

    We're not sure where to start for pricing. We already have an interested party (yours truly). I've played it several times and enjoyed the sound and ergonomics.

    Any thoughts or advice on this instrument will be greatly appreciated.