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Allen Organ Type TO3

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  • Allen Organ Type TO3

    There is a church a ways away from me getting rid of their Allen. The only info they can give me is that the inside mentions Type TO3. Can anyone tell me about this? Is the organ analog or early digital? The organ has two speakers that look like HC 12's so if it's analog it's been slightly modified. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jan Giradot's organ reference list does not show a "TO3"--the closest thing I see is a TC3, which was, indeed, an analog Allen from the 1960's.

    If it is a TC3, these are OK practice intstruments, but don't provide a lot of tonal variety: just a unit flute, a unit diapason, and a few reeds derived from the flute rank (if I remember right). Some were full sized AGO, and some were "princess pedalboard" units. It might have an optional celeste rank.

    The original speakers would have been huge, probably Gyrophonic projectors, so if they are HC12's or that size, they've definitely been upgraded. Allen offered a trem conversion board for customers who wanted to downsize their speaker cabinets when they stopped selling Gyros. It that has been done, I think it's for the better.

    Not worth a lot of money and very heavy to move but much better than not having a practice instrument!

    Now if it is a TO3, then it's something, probably custom. Allen would have to let you know what it is, and would probably need the serial number to find out anything.