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Wurlitzer 605 Centura Deluxe w/ Orbit III

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  • Wurlitzer 605 Centura Deluxe w/ Orbit III

    Any information on this one? I've got a guy locally here willing to sell me one for $50, in excellent working condition. How does it differ from the 805 in this vid - I've always wanted a Wurlitzer with an Orbit III so this seems like a dream come true for me. Just want to know a little more information about it

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    See this thread. Most Wurlitzers are considered more a "Theater organ" than a classic organ, although I had never heard of a theater organ until after I bought one. I bought mine to do classical music, also. Fortunately the extreme wurlitzer type vibrato can be turned off.
    Frequently organs that haven't been played in fifteen or twenty years, sound great at the resale, but go faint or dead in a couple of weeks of real use. They have electrolytic capacitors in them, just like an old TV or radio. These are water fillled aluminum cans with rubber seals that deteriorate over 20-30 years. After they warm up, the water evaporates out. At $50, you are not wasting any money, the Wurlitzers have very reliable key and pedal contacts for example. Maybe the previous owner had some service work done and you won't have to do those particular e-caps, although servicemen usually replace just a few parts per service call. Fortunately the 605 is built with discrete parts that can be replaced by ordinary mortals without surgeon telescope glasses. Most of the electronic parts are very generic and can be bought at any big supply house. I'm starting to re-e-cap my Wurlitzer 4500 from the same era that hardly makes a noise. You can do them all at once, or do them one at a time as they fail. I've bought $50 worth of electrolytic caps for my 4500 from or Rubber parts like belt drives and motor mounts for the "spectrasonic" rotary speaker, can be bought from Morlock's organ supply of Rienzi, Mississippi. They have the service manual, also.
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      wow, thanks man! This was very helpful and what I was hoping to hear. Does the 605 have the leslie, like the 805?


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        Jeromy and all;

        The 605 was introduced in 1974: Wurlitzer replaced their Spectra-Tone trem. units with Leslies starting in 1973. BTW, I have the 605 service manual for sale from my collection: $10 + shipping. Contact me off-Forum at [email protected]

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          They are a pretty nice organ for what they are. With the rotating speaker on the cathedral setting they can do a decent church or classical organ. Use the voices on the manuals sparingly using the couplers to get the body you need as when you combine too many different 8' stops it can get pretty muddy. The lower manual is a little sparse and of course the pedal board is non-standard but will handle most music OK. IIRC the pedals are like the 4500 series in that you can not play multiple notes at one time.

          If everything is working properly and it has been in regular use lately you probably will be fine. If it has been sitting unused you may find some problems with capacitors as mentioned. Also the stop tabs and switches tend to get dirt but the trick of playing notes on the keyboard while toggling the switched often does clean them up pretty well. Sometimes just playing the heck out of it will tidy up some loose ends.

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            killer guys - I'm so stoked. Can't believe I stumbled across this thing