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Which type pedal board easiest to move to and from AGO

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  • Which type pedal board easiest to move to and from AGO

    In midifying my Baldwin HT2 I have two choices. I can add midi to the existing 32 note pedal board which is their version of the princess concept or I can add it to one of the Wurlitzer flat radiating 25 note pedal boards that I have on hand which has the right spacing (17" per octave 2.5" between naturals).

    So the question is which would be the least destructive of one's ability to play well on an AGO pedal board? My thought is that the spacing is the most critical thing especially since I will very rarely have need of the last half octave. What say ye?

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    The AGO standard is a concave 32 note petal board. I suppose everyone is different but the flat 25 note unit on my Wurlitzer drives me crazy after playing my Rodgers. When it's gone there will never be anything but AGO standard around here again.
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      I think with the choices you have available, I would recommend the flat 25 with the normal spacing between notes. I have no issues going from one of those to an AGO board. I do have to take a few minutes to get used to a "princess" style one. I think that the "princess" style would muck up learning pedaling more so than the flat radiating 25.
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