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Rodgers 750 Scarborough for 400?

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  • Rodgers 750 Scarborough for 400?

    Well Organ Forum, its me AGAIN!!! This time with another question. I've met this guy who would like to sell me a Rodgers 750i Scarborough organ for $400. Is that a pretty good deal? Here's the thing, I like that it has internal speakers because my church is extremely small and i'm sure external speakers would just create more of a clutter. According to the seller, the organ comes with a head phone jack as well. Here's my question. I can't seem to find much information about this organ online. Does anyone whether the pedal board is actually the standard 32 AGO pedal board or the smaller version of the 32 note bass pedal board? Also does this organ come with a transposer? In general, I would like to know if this organ is an "ok" organ for my church. My church is a Methodist church and the organ would primarily be used for playing our hymns.

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    The 750 was introduced in 1977, had an AGO 32-note pedal clavier but I am uncertain about the transposer. It should be pretty obvious as the pistons are there in the rail below the upper manual.

    I have the 725/750 service manual for sale from my collection @ $14 + shipping. If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me off-Forum a <[email protected]>

    . . . Jan
    the OrganGrinder


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      Thanks Jan Girardot. According to the seller there are some minor problems. I'm not a organ tech (so I don't know if they're major or minor problems) here's what they are:
      * "Voix Celeste II" stop is broken
      * "Octave" stop won't save to memory, but still works manually
      * Trumpets occasionally glitch on low volume.
      * "Flute Celeste II" stop has a slightly glitched lower C key, which makes it louder than the others

      Are these major problems and would repairing these problems because extremely costly?