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Adjusting Sound Levels for Rodgers

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  • Adjusting Sound Levels for Rodgers

    I recently moved my Rodgers 955 into my new house, and, of course, it sounds quite different. I want to adjust the treble, bass, and overall levels of some of the channels. I know to do this by manipulating the appropriate horizontal, plastic wheels mounted in 2 vertical columns within the console. To avoid messing up things with trial and error, does anyone know what does what on these panels? I've attached a picture to help you identify what I'm referring to. In particular, I don't understand why there are two sets of controls for each channel. Does anyone know?
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    Most of the Rodgers service manuals have a section on voicing and leveling: if you don't have that book, suggest you call Hillsboro and ask for one.

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      Just to say that I'm not an expert on these organs. If I am not mistaken, the 955 was an early digital organ from Rodgers.

      If memory serves me correct, the organ was listed as having 16 audio output channels, but really it is 8 channels duplicated. As Rodgers does their tone generation in stereo for each division, there is a left and right ( or A and B) channels for each division. The L and R volume and tone controls should be set the same for each division.

      Beyond setting up that part of the audio, you will want to go into the software and set things up per stop and per note. You will need to get or borrow a GC-8 voicing tool for this.

      When moving the organ from one location to another, it is always best to thoroughly go over the whole instrument. Doing less and you will find the organ will be less than satisfying.