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Small church looking for used keyboard organ for traditional service

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  • Small church looking for used keyboard organ for traditional service

    Greetings all:

    I am the sub for the organist for a small church in NY. The pipe organ from the church is in extreme disrepair and I suggested that a keyboard organ be purchased to save money. If anyone has anything for sale under 500 please send me a message or post in the forum. Also, if there are any sites I should look at please let me know. I would rather not have them get a random keyboard with 1 or 2 pipe organ patches. Something that is more specialized would be best.

    I saw a Roland / ROGERS W-50 for sale and wondered if anyone had any feedback on it.

    Thanks for your time in reading this post.


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    The Roland Ateliers, Yamaha AR series, and Technics GA or FA models all have excellent liturgical sounds plus the comfortable two manual/pedal interface. These can often be found for under $500. There may be more discussion on the HOME ORGAN subforum and that's where you will find the low price you're looking for, due to their dead marketplace. Only the organist will notice the shorter manuals/pedalboard and if you're comparing to a keyboard, it's an upgrade! I know of nothing but Roland/Rodgers that would even come close to offering actual organ registrations on a single manual instrument. The ones I described use a combination of presets for the reeds/strings plus "footage" for the various diapason pitches, but again, only the musician will know.
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      Thanks so much Kurzweil for the ideas.


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        If you have access to a decent Intel based PC and some decent sound equipment you could get a used pop/rock organ console that has midi out such as Yamaha Electone, Technics, etc. and burn a jOrgan-pup CD ( which has some very nice virtual organs on it. This would be far superior to either a keyboard or a stock organ in that price range IMO. Of course if you have to buy the computer or amplification system then it isn't under $500 anymore. :D

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          Our small church is using Yamaha Keyboards since we are in rented space. An acoustic piano is trailered to the location each Sunday but there isn't enough room even for a spinet organ (which one of our leaders already owns complete with a Wurlitzer Leslie). We use the #47 and 48 Theater organ settings with one keyboard connected to a portable sound system. It is extremely realistic and our pastor says the sound matches many real church organs.

          We don't use the pipe settings because in lower end keyboard they tend to be a little harsh. Many good "new" Yamaha 61 note keyboards are available under $500 on the internet.