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My old Allen 120C versus some LDS organ

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  • My old Allen 120C versus some LDS organ

    Good Evening Gentlemen

    My old Allen 120C is about at death's door...(how many of your 45 year old pc's are still working - now that is pre- pc, at and xt ??) Yes I did learn to run a dactylose.....

    The local Johannus dealer is replacing 16 or so LDS Allens and Rodgers with his instruments. What possibly is he going to get in - hopefully an improvement over my caughing, sputtering and silent MOS- organ? Any suggestions- things to avoid, things to run from, things to run towards?? Strange stop lists, odd orchestrations, jazz guitars, doo-woop base sections or snake charmers (yes I do know better there are religions I would not put this past) oboes? Please advise.

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    This site might give you some ideas what could be coming in:,17631,8549-1,00.html Owner's Manuals for Church Organs. I would guess anything from some MOS-1 organs up through some early MDS models. I know the Allen manuals have the stop lists in them. I haven't really looked at the Rogers manuals.
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      You beat me to it, with the link to the LDS organ resource site.

      I can hardly fathom that a single dealer is going to be replacing 16 organs in short order. By the way, the dealer would not be selling them, only installing them and providing some sort of promise to warrant the instrument, and of course long term service and support. The LDS church buys organs centrally from manufacturers. Approved manufacturers work with the Musical Instrument selection committee, and models, features etc., and they are then put in the catalog as approved choices. At the moment, at least in North America the approved vendors for organs are Allen and Johannus. I heard fairly recently that the LDS church wants to replace all electronic organs that go back to 1980 and earlier. I installed a new instrument a few years ago, and it replaced a mid 70s Rodgers.

      Generally the LDS models are not bad, and not all that different from manufacturer's offerings. Usually the installs sound very mediocre, as installers are told not to fuss with the voicing as they are pre-voiced. In other words only get rid of the worst problems sound wise, as the musical mavens in Salt Lake City have approved the voicing, and that is how it is supposed to sound. It doesn't help that the acoustics in most of these chapels is terribly dismal.

      I would think that among the cast-offs that there will be decent instruments as far as condition is concerned. Just remember that they will be old to very old. Nothing you will want to pay big bucks for.

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